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The power of positive thinking


Create your own success story by conquering your challenges. By thinking differently about difficult situations, you can change them into opportunities and achieve success.

More confidence

Turn your challenges into opportunities and conquer your own way authentically and powerfully. Transform your challenges into opportunities by taking action

Discover yourself

Coaching can help you learn more about yourself and make positive changes in your life. It is a process that involves setting goals, exploring options, and taking action to achieve those goals. Coaching can also help you develop new skills, improve your performance, and build confidence.

Conquer Your Challenges

You can overcome anything life throws at you! Socializing, dealing with difficult people, appearing attractive, finding and keeping love – whatever it is, you have the power to succeed.

I'm Sindy Welcome ...

My heart beats for the heart job and a life that suits you and your unique personality.

My Service is all about workshops and coaching programs that support you in leading your life in such a way that you put your heart into it.

I burn for your best ME and your way there. My top priority is that you use simple tools to gain clarity about what YOUR life should look like so that you can quickly implement it.

Name Nachname

Life Coach

The problem

The first step in the coaching process is to deal directly with the problem. This can be done by talking to the person who is causing the problem, or by looking for a solution together.

The solution

After delving into the problem, we can discover a solution. We probe deep to unearth an answer that will help us move forward with confidence and optimism. 

The goal

The coaching process is all about setting and achieving goals. By taking the time to formulate your goals precisely, you will be well on your way to success.

My offers for you


Let’s find out together what you need and how I can help you with it. We all know how tough it is to stay on track when life gets stressful. But with the right mindset and a little help, you can overcome any challenge. That’s where our coaching comes in. We’ll work with you to develop the strength and resilience you need to succeed, no matter what life throws your way.

Introductory talk

Do you have any questions about the offer or are you currently facing a challenge? Then let’s find out together how I can support you and which offer is right for you.

1:1 Coaching

Let’s talk today about your ME of tomorrow! Outer strength begins with inner clarity. In my coaching program, we first work on your inner balance, find out what kind of life you want and then work on how you can design your own work and life model.


Then you are exactly right here. Although my workshops are online, they offer you targeted support with lots of liveliness and action, without any boredom.

Coaching for a happier you

Level up your life

Find lightness and joy and create a life that suits you and your wishes!


The Benefits of Coaching

Develop a positive MINDSET and discover your true potential. Through optimistic and friendly thoughts you create your strongest self and develop a new self-image. The goal: You feel connected to yourself and lead a fulfilling life full of clarity and calm.

lightness and clarity

Discover the power within you and connect. Create a space full of calm, lightness and clarity. Use the power of your emotions and your heart.


Develop a positive MINDSET and discover your true potential. Through optimistic and friendly thoughts you create your strongest self and develop a new self-image.


Yin and yang, light and dark, masculinity and femininity. We integrate the dual qualities within us to live our full potential from the center.

We are here for you!

Is the coaching journey suitable for you?

You don’t have to wait for your next appointment! If you have individual questions, we are always at your side via WhatsApp. In this way we guarantee the best possible progress for you and leave no request unanswered. 

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